Fluid At Noon

October 21 | Pro Arts | Cathedral Church

Fluid at Noon, a glimpse into the Fluid Fest
ProArts co-present with the Fluid Festival


Troy Emery Twigg in collaboration with dancer Justin Many Fingers

Vibrations are felt and transmitted in very ancient forms of communication from earth to universe and back again...from heart to soul through body and earth...it is all embraced energy, reformed and sent out again. Troy and Justin embark on a journey to rediscover knowledge that forms their existence as Blackfoot Peoples. 

A Necessary Fable

Choreographed & Performed by Kayla Henry

Kayla Henry is a professional contemporary dance artist that is deeply drawn to the truth. The revealing of the dominator culture, the shifting of authority, the discovery of ancestral history, and the empowering of the human image. She’s dedicated to revealing lies, to encouraging questions and to finding beauty within chaos. 

Connecting Communities Dance Service

A meeting of minds.
A conversation of possibilities.
Meet your community.
Make change together.

Join us to reflect on our current Alberta Dance landscape and the contextual shifts in the local and provincial dance territory, with a focus on how to ensure that artists and the cultural community thrive and continue to nurture thought provoking contemporary art in Calgary, the province, and the country.

Time to meet, connect, discuss, debate, learn, inspire, and drink wine. TOGETHER. Alberta Dance Alliance, Canadian Dance Assembly, Dancer Transition Resource Centre, CADA/ West, and Springboard Performance will provide snacks, workshop materials and engaging, thought-provoking questions. These organizations have worked together to plan the days’ events and will all be in attendance.

Community Discussion

Get to know your service organization near you

Vertigo Theatre Lobby

Speed Dating/Networking

Starts 5:00pm
Vertigo Theatre Lobby 

Alberta Showcase | Choreographic Lift

Vertigo Studio Theatre October 21 - 3:30-5:00pm

A showcase celebrating our unique creative micro-climate and the distinct choreographers and artists that call Alberta home.

Dario Charles, Kimberley Cooper, Gessuri Gaitan, Jill Henis, Ainsley Hillyard, Alida Nyquist-Shultz, Krista Posniak, Pamela Tzeng, Larissa Swayze 

Orographic Lift

The region surrounding the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor is notable for having the highest frequency of hail in Canada, which is caused by orographic lifting from the nearby Rocky Mountains. This micro-climate is unique and the only one of its kind across the country. Nestled within this same corridor is professional dance in Alberta, rife with creativity and entrepreneurial prowess while facing distinct challenges that set it apart from other major centres. 

Body Of Water: Creative Exchange

September 26 & 27 2:00pm | Alberta Culture Days

Water is personal. Water is political. Water is essential.
Water has always connected this country. 

Water is personal. Water is political. Water is essential. Water has always connected this country. Three distinct water systems and communities paired with artists Wojciech Mochniej (Calgary), Anne Troake (St. John’s), Aimée Dawn Robinson (Whitehorse). An accumulation of experience, questions, histories, debate through the body, performance, film, and dance.

The Yukon Arts Centre (Whitehorse), Springboard Performance’s Fluid Festival (Calgary), and Neighbourhood Dance Works’ Festival of New Dance (St John’s), through CanDance Network’s Creative Exchange program, join forces to plunge in to our water systems. Throughout this cross-country process, the Body of Water project acknowledges all Nations who care, and cared for, the land (acknowledged and unacknowledged, recorded and unrecorded).