Each year, we invite new facilitators to inspire Interrarium participants. 2014 Interrarium featured the following facilitators:

Phillip Adams (Ballet Lab, Australia)


Having spent a decade performing and working in New York, Adams returned to Australia in 1997 and established BalletLab. Adams has been commissioned by leading national and international dance and theatre companies including The Australian Ballet, Chunky Move, Back to Back Theatre, Guangdong Modern Dance Company (China), Dance Works Rotterdam (Nederlands), City Contemporary Dance Company (Hong Kong), Tasdance, and One Extra Co. Most recently Adams was commissioned through the Australia Latin America Foundation to work with Mexican dance company, Lux Boreal, creating Lamb, which premiered in the Festival of Mexico in 2011 and is currently touring USA and Mexico.

Established in 1999, BalletLab creates unforgettable contemporary performance that defies expectation through the artistic vision of director, Phillip Adams. With over 25 years experience as a dancer and choreographer both nationally and internationally, Adams’ work defies neat and easy categorization, scrutinising behaviour, sexuality and culture in a way that resonates with current societal concerns.

BalletLab aims to create groundbreaking contemporary dance-based works that stimulate and engage audiences, that develop choreographic practice, that propose new national and international presentation models, and also provide educational opportunities for the next generation of Australian dance artists.

Phillip Adams' BalletLab brings significant artistic partners to projects in order to create original works that are proudly made in Melbourne for a global market. Since its inception, BalletLab has toured nationally and internationally, performing at festivals and venues in the USA, China, Denmark, Scotland, Germany, England, Korea, Mongolia, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Benoit Lachambre (Par B.L.eux Montreal, Canada)


With thirty years of solid experience behind him as choreographer, performer, improviser and teacher, active in North America as well as in Eu­rope, Benoît Lachambre created his company in 1996 out of the need for a platform that would allow him to realize his research projects and de­velop an original creative structure. So, Par B.L.eux (‘B.L.’ for his own initials and ‘eux’ for ‘them,’ his collaborators) was born and its mission is as fol­lows: to create and produce works in a spirit of openness and collaboration, while encouraging inter-disciplinary relations in dance. The company helps to promote international exchange and multiplies opportunities for encounter between artists from diverse artistic and geographic backgrounds. Par B.L.eux believes that the evolution of dance rests upon an abundance of ideas, and dynamic, conti­nuous exchange of artistic practice and concepts.

Through his own artistic process, Benoît La­chambre cultivates grounds and forums for mee­tings and exploration, where the space for creation is wide open. Since the foundation of the company in 1996 and on the strength of several collaborations, Par B.L.eux has created 16 pieces. The company has performed in some fifteen countries around the globe, essentially in Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Germa­ny, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Austria, etc.) but also in America (Canada, the U.S., Brazil) and Asia (South Korea, China). Over 300 performances has been given.

Par B.L.eux works towards the promotion of experimental techniques and approaches in dance (releasing, improvisation, composition, body consciousness) for which Benoît Lachambre has become quite well known due to his workshops and teaching activities around the world. His skills are very much in demand and these workshops of­ten serve as a springboard for the discovery of his works. More than sixty workshops has been given in 15 years, in such places asTanz Im August (Berlin, Ger­many), ImPulstanz (Vienna, Austria), Circuit Est and Usine C(Montréal, Canada), P.A.R.T.S (Brussels, Bel­gium), SNDO (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and l’Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson (Paris, France).

Moreover, the company is particularly interested in lending his support to the upcoming generation by providing technical support and advice to young dancers and choreographers.

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