Fujiwara Dance Inventions | Toronto

EUNOIA | $44 / $20 (student)

Theatre Junction GRAND, October 16- 17 | 8pm


Artist Talk
Pre-Show 7:30pm
October 16 & 17

Fusing words and movement, acclaimed choreographer Denise Fujiwara brings together leading dance artists for a compelling production based on the witty and eccentric Griffin-winning “univocalic” work by poet Christian Bök. Poetry becomes motion as a writer’s profound constraint is transformed into movement in this Dora Mavor Moore Award nominated production.

Eunoia is Greek for ‘beautiful thinking’. In Bök’s Eunoia, each chapter is constrained to the use of a single vowel and despite this, he is able to create oddly fascinating worlds. With exacting precision, Fujiwara adapts these formal rules into her own dance and allows them to transform her choreography. The result is a witty and absorbing monument to human expression.  

Eunoia is one of the best dance events of the season. Clever, witty, engrossing.
— Paul Citron, dance critic at the Globe & Mail