Lab Rats & 
The Moon at Midnight

October 21 (FRI), 7:00 PM
October 22 (SAT), 7:00 PM
DJD Dance Centre | $30

Artist Talk
October 22

Lab Rats

Forcier Stage Works | Marie France Forcier

Forcier has created a compelling, dream-like microcosm of the world, inside and out.

Lab Rats is a study on the discrepancies of human behavior in context of solitary versus combined seclusion, where the performers become the subjects, and the audience, the invisible observers.



The Moon at Midnight

Amber Borotsik

Presented in partnership with the Prairie Dance Circuit

Perhaps Borotsik’s greatest gift was creating the layer of melancholy that pervaded the dance and it’s violent surface.
— Paula Citron responding to Here. Like this, The Globe and Mail

Two women move across the floor in a slow duet of shared care. Endless, incalculable and epic in its necessary monotony this central grind just keeps going... The Moon at Midnight is the newest work by Edmonton creator Amber Borotsik. Sparked after seeing a city smashing monster movie. The Moon at Midnight is a love letter to physical truth. The earth shaking and the sublime. An intersection between dance, theatre and sound, The Moon at Midnight is performed by an intergenerational and inter-ability company. It examines the inner truth of lived experience and explodes it out in cinematic fashion.